RECOVERY + is the most refreshing recovery drink you will ever taste! A clear, tasty recovery drink with 10 grams of PeptoPro® that is easy drinks to drink after an effort: what more could you wish for? PeptoPro® is a scientifically developed mix of peptides (very small protein particles) developed by DSM that ensures a much faster absorption of proteins in your muscles. PeptoPro® is completely soluble in water and is absorbed by your body very quickly without any problems. This provides a quick effect after exercise.

  • Faster recovery to be ready for the next training
  • Fresh citrus flavour
  • Low in lactose (10 g Peptopro® contains less than 0,05 g lactose)
  • The most refreshing recovery drink you will ever taste!
  • 450 g = 4.5 L
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Recommended use

Dissolve 4-5 scoops (50 grams) in 500 ml water (1 bottle). For optimal recovery use BORN RECOVERY + within 30 minutes after exercise (500 ml).


PeptoPro® is a fastacting source of protein (peptides), which contributes to recovery and muscle building during or after an endurance session.

Fortified nutrition for athletes

Easy to prepare recovery drink with carbohydrates and protein (Peptopro®). With vitamin B12. Ingredients: sugar, milk protein hydrolyzate (22%), food acids (malic acid, citric acid), natural flavour, mineral (magnesium citrate), maltodextrine, colorant (carotenes), vitamin B12. Product contains milk and may contain traces of soy.

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