Carbohydrate drink that provides your body with a constant flow of energy. After all, you want to push your limits during your ride, run or triathlon. ENERGY contains a mix of singular and complex carbohydrates.

  • Particularly stomach-friendly
  • Slightly orange flavoured, not too sweet
  • Lactose- and glutenfree
  • 540 g = 3.6 L
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Recommended use

Dissolve 6-7 scoops (75 grams) in 500 ml water (1 bottle). Drink regularly during the effort, about 250 ml per 20 minutes, with endurance efforts > 1.5 hours alternate with DRINK.

Nutrition for athletes

Easy to prepare isotonic sports drink with carbohydrates. Ingredients: glucose syrup, dextrose, sugar, food acids (citric acid, monosodium citrate), starch, natural flavouring, colorant (beetroot red). Product might contain traces of milk and soy.

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