About Born


The village of Born, The Netherlands, 1985. Wim Jennen, pharmacist and excellent amateur cyclist, together with business partner/pharmacist Frank Sikkes, founded BORN Sportscare B.V. for a very clear and practical reason. They believe that sports nutrition should be better, tastier and more athlete-friendly. From that moment on, BORN becomes a pioneer of innovative food for weekend warriors and professionals.

We still have been innovating in close collaboration with development partners, professional athletes and nutritionists, whereby effectiveness, quality and perfect taste experience of our sports drinks, bars and gels during sports are the key points. In addition to advisory support and sports nutrition, we can also take care or protect your sports body with our excellent range of sports care products.

BORN will be there for you: whenever you need that helping hand, that little push in the back, that little bit of extra care.

After all, we are in this together.
We’ve got your back.

Our mission is clear:

Push endurance athletes to greater achievements and unforgettable experiences with the best sports nutrition and sports care products. Whether you are a professional or a weekend warrior, we join you on your adventure.