BORN ENERGY SUPER GEL is a concentrated source of fast carbohydrates and provides extra energy. The added, unique grape seed extract contains many anti-oxidants. ENERGY SUPER GEL will get you through the tough moments. (We know this ...)

  • Carbohydrate gel with real mashed bananas
  • Contains anti-oxidants
  • Lactose- and glutenfree
  • Can help to prevent hitting the wall
  • Banana flavour
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1-2 Super Gels per hour during active exercise.


VinOserae® is a red wine polyphenolic product rich in t-resveratrol (≥ 0,12%). The active compounds of VinOserae® have been selected to work for maximum effectiveness against oxidative stress.


Glucosesyrup, banana purée concentrate (17%), resveratrol (from VinOserae® (0.25%)), preservative E202.

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